open class ListTextProcessor : TextProcessing

Text process capable of processing keyboard inputs specific to lists. ListTextProcessor only works after a range of text has been converted to list using ListCommand.

Supports the following inputs:

  1. Enter: Creates a new list item at the same level as the current one. Using Enter twice in a row at the last list item exits list. When used twice in a row in the middle of a list, it only creates empty list items and does not exit list.
  2. Shift-Enter: Adds a soft line break i.e. does not create a new list item but moves to next line.
  3. Tab: Indents the current level to next indentation level. A level may only be indented 1 level deeper than previous level. First level items cannot be indented.
  4. Shift-Tab: Outdents text in list by one level each time. Using this on first level exits the list formatting for given text.