public protocol AttachmentOffsetProviding : AnyObject

Describes an object capable of providing offsets for the Attachment. The value is used to offset the Attachment when rendered alongside the text. This may be used to align the content baselines in Attachment content to that of it’s container’s content baselines.


This function may be called m0re than once in the same rendering pass. Changing offsets does not resize the container i.e. unlike how container resizes to fit the attachment, if the offset is change such that the attachment ends up rendering outside the bounds of it’s container, it will not resize the container.


While offset can be provided for any type of Attachment i.e. Inline or Block, it is recommended that offset be provided only for Inline. If an offset is provided for Block attachment, it is possible that the attachment starts overlapping the content in Editor in the following line since the offset does not affect the line height.